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Understanding the Difference Between US Citizenship and the Green Card Holders

American sate was built in the foundation of the immigrants, thus hosting several diverse ethnicity and cultures. However, the US is known as the foundation of the immigrants, and they have a US immigrant enforcement law that restricts the immigrants. The US determines and how many migrants will be fully allowed to enter into the state each year and the legal status that they can receive. Because of the legality that you attain from the US, most of the people get confused about the differences between the green card holders and citizenship. The US citizen has the right to live in the state forever and the right to vote. But for the permanent residents that are the green card holders are allowed to live in the United States for as long as their green card is valid, but if engaged in the crimes they are deported back to their countries. Here's a good read about bail bond, check it out

After you have migrated into the United States by the use of the green card, you get the legal permanent residency where you can live and work there. However, the green card holders are not citizens; there are several ways that one can become the legal permanent resident of the place. If you are a refugee after receiving the asylum status, you acquire a permanent residency. A spouse, a family member can submit a visa petition for you to live in the United States, and this way, you become a permanent resident. Another way you can acquire a permanent residency is through winning the visa lottery to the United States. To gather more awesome ideas, click here to get started

Once you have the legal residency to live there, you can also work in the States and even petition for another family member to have the residency by receiving a green card status. Apart from living there you are allowed to travel in and out of the country whenever you want and can choose to visit your country and return. However, there is the restriction of time that you can be allowed to be out of the country and failure to that if you exceed the agreed time can be an abandonment of the legal residency. Committing of the crimes can result in the deportation even though the permanent residency grants you the asylum of violation of your rights and removal. Kindly visit this website for more useful reference.

The United States Immigration law can give you citizenship, where you become a full citizen in the place. As a US citizen, you have the right to live, and no deportation can be carried out unless you engaged on fraud during the application citizen. The Citizens has the right as the green card holder, but they can vote and petition for the distant relative and in-laws to be granted the asylum. You become a US citizen through birth, parents, and joining the United States military. As a green card holder, you can become the full citizen by renewing the green card after every ten years, and the US will choose to grant or not to be given.